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What Our Customers Are Saying

NUUD has absolutely transformed our intimacy. The aphrodisiac effects are absolutely real and my partner and I have never felt closer or more in tune with each other.

Jake S.

I was skeptical at first, but the gummies have added an incredible spark to our nights. This really takes things to a new level. It's like discovering each other all over again!

Lisa M.

The vapes rejuvenated our relationship in ways I could never have imagined. The aphrodisiac properties create a sensual atmosphere that's simply magnetic.

Tom K.

NUUD's Stamina Capsule has been a game changer. It's taken years off and brought a new vitality to my performance. I feel youthful and my partner can't get enough. Life-changing indeed!

Robert J.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can products designed for one sex be used by the other?

Certainly! While our products have been specifically designed with certain biological needs in mind, they are absolutely versatile and can be enjoyed by all, regardless of gender. The benefits of our natural aphrodisiac ingredients are universal.

Can I combine Stamina or Vitality with any of your other products?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, using them together can enhance their individual effects, as each product boosts the other's benefits. Enjoy the synergistic power of our products for a truly elevated experience.

Does the 'Buy 3, Get 1 Free' offer apply to all products?

Yes, the offer applies to all products within the same category. However, it does not apply to our bundle deals.

Do you offer free shipping?

We certainly do! Free shipping is offered on all orders above $19.50. Incluiding bundles.

Do All Your Products Contain Hemp?

Not all of them. While most our aphrodisiacs do contain hemp derivates like HHC, H4CBD or THCA. Our Stamina and Vitality capsules are non-hemp natural aphrodisiacs.

Disclaimer: Please note that discount codes are not stackable with bundle discounts. 
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