Sex Pre-Rolls + Travel Case - 12 Units Box (Unit Price: $17.99)
Sex Pre-Rolls + Travel Case - 12 Units Box (Unit Price: $17.99)


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  • Each box includes 12 travel cases. Each case carries 4 distinct pre-rolls of different flavors.
  • The minimum order quantity is 1 box (12 travel cases).
  • At an order quantity of 6 boxes (72 units), each unit comes at a discounted price of $16.99. This discount is automatically applied in cart.


Introduce your customers to the exciting world of aphrodisiac experiences with our Aphrodisiac Pre-Rolls in Travel Cases. Each box contains 12 travel cases, with each case featuring four handcrafted pre-rolls of distinct flavors designed to spark passion and desire.

  1. Lavender Cosmo Pre-Roll: Relax with the gentle aroma of lavender coupled with HHC, Blue Lotus, Damiana, and botanical terpenes. This pre-roll provides a serene and arousing encounter that is sure to delight.

  2. Rose Petal Pre-Roll: Indulge in the soft and romantic essence of rose petals blended with HHC, Blue Lotus, Damiana, and naturally derived terpenes. This pre-roll creates an atmosphere of intimacy and longing.

  3. Blue Lotus Pre-Roll: Experience the invigoration of our Blue Lotus pre-roll. A stimulating mix of HHC, Blue Lotus, Damiana, and botanical terpenes, it is the perfect recipe for sparking passion.

  4. Cupid's Blend Pre-Roll: Step into romance with our Cupid's Blend Pre-Roll. Comprised of HHC, Blue Lotus, Damiana, and botanical terpenes, this pre-roll ignites desire and enhances the mood of romance.

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